Animations of the Correlates of War data (COW)

Patrick Doreian and Andrej Mrvar

used in the paper for Journal of Social Structure

Cow Data

Animation over 51 time windows of only negative relations among countries

  Some comments

  • End year of each window is displayed in Internet Explorer (1949 for the first, 1999 for the last window).
  • Examine animations using as large screen as possible, otherwise vertices are put too close together.
  • In Chrome: Animations in distinct time points happen to be somehow unfinished (edges do not attach vertices correctly).
  • Additional HTML controls work only in Internet Explorer:
    • Start the animation with mouse click (in Firefox and Chrome animation starts when it is loaded).
    • Stop (and later continue) animation with a mouse click at any time (in Firefox and Chrome Start/Stop button does not work).

Pruned images over 51 time windows

  Some comments

  • You can move to the previous/next window by clicking Previous/Next at the bottom (bellow layout).
  • It seems that there is no 'blinking' when moving among windows while using Firefox, but in Internet Explorer and Chrome there is some 'blinking' when selecting the new time window for the first time. In this case I suggest to go fast through all 51 windows (by clicking Next). After that transitions among windows will be smooth.
  • In each window it is possible to select only negative (red) and/or only positive (blue) relations by
    • clicking small circle or in the top left corner of the layout (works in Chrome and Firefox, but not in Internet Explorer).
    • checking Negative or Positive checkbox on the right of the layout (works in Internet Explorer and Firefox, but sometimes does not work in Chrome).