Pajek shapes: 'house', 'man', and 'woman'

In Pajek 4.09 or higher 'house', 'man', and 'woman' as additional shapes of vertices (in addition to ellipse, box, diamond, and triangle) are available. For individual vertices shapes can be specified in input file. The default shape is selected in Export / Options / Shape. The new shapes are displayed when exorted to EPS or SVG only. In Draw window house is replaced by a triangle, man by a box, and woman by an ellipse (to achieve faster large network rendering).

As any other shape the new shapes can be rotated, magnified in x and/or y direction (for the same or different amounts), shapes can be drawn transparently...
In the figure below shapes are rotated for 25 degrees, opacity of shapes and arcs is set to 0.75, widths of shapes are set to random values in the range [1..3], the same is true for the heights. Pajek NET file
If Shape Angle is smaller than 360 degrees, shapes are drawn relativelly to horizontal line (0: shapes drawn horizontally); otherwise shapes are drawn relativelly to the line coming from the center of the layout to the center of the vertex (360: shapes drawn concentrically). In the figure below Shape Angle is set to 360. Also Label Angle is set to 360 (labels written concetrically out).