Measures of prestige

  1. Unit prestige measures
    • ordinary and valued degree
    • influence domain
    • proximity prestige
    • hubs and authorities
  2. Similarity / dissimilarity of prestige measures
  3. Examples


Find prestige measures in given networks.


Find influence domain, proximity prestige and hubs and authorities. Draw network where hubs and authorities are represented by vertex size (hubs-size in x direction, authorities-size in y direction). Compare results to centrality measures - compute Pearson correlation coefficients among all pairs of prestige measures (input degree, input closeness, betweenness, (proximity prestige), authority weights). To make it faster you can use exports to R, SPSS or Excel:
  • R: Tools/R, x<-data.frame(v?,v?,...,v?), cor(x)...
  • SPSS: Tools/SPSS, Run All, Analyze/Correlate/Bivariate...
  • Excel: Tools/Excel...
Present results in the table and interprete them.

Slides (PDF)