Triads, cliques, global and local views, brokerage roles

  1. Triads and cliques
  2. Global views
    • reduction
    • hierarchy
  3. Local views
    • cut-out
    • context
  4. Brokerage roles: coordinator, itinerant broker, representative, gatekeeper, liaison
  5. Example
    • import and export among countries


Find all 3-cliques and count types of triads in given networks. Produce all views of network in test networks.


  1. Count all types of triads. Which type of triad is dominant (transitive or intransitive)?
  2. Find 3-cliques. Draw the corresponding subnetwork containing cliques. Which vertices belong to several cliques? Find all 4-cliques if they exist.
  3. Produce both cut-outs according to gender. Compare both networks (e. g. density, average degree).
  4. Find reduction according to gender and show result in matrix form. Normalize matrix if necessary (if number of men and women is different significantly). You can use:
    File / Network / Export as Matrix to EPS / Using Partition / Structural 0 0
    to get absolute and normalized frequences written in Report window.
  5. Count all brokerage roles for each person and present all roles in one table (Tools / Excel / Send to Excel / All Vectors).
Interprete the results.

Slides (PDF)