Network Analysis 

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Short course: Start with Pajek, Test networks (ZIP)
Definitions, network representations, program Pajek
Paths in networks, degree of vertices
Cluster, partition, cut-out, component, cores
Triads, cliques, brokerage roles, global and local views
Centrality measures
Measures of prestige
Signed graphs
Blockmodeling, Community Detection methods
Analysis of two mode networks
Analysis of large networks, genealogies

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Pajek Web Page
Download Pajek
Exploratory Social Network Analysis with Pajek. 3rd Edition (CUP, 2018)
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Visualize your LinkedIn Network
GhostScript32 in GhostView32 - EPS and PDF viewer
GhostScript64 in GhostView64 - EPS and PDF viewer
Online EPS Viewer 1, Online EPS Viewer 2
InkScape - SVG editor
How to open EPS files in InkScape:
   Solution 1: Copy gswin64c.exe or gswin32c.exe to folder ...inkscape / bin
   Solution 2: By using system PATH variable
   Solution 3: Install Inkscape and GhostScript via
Instant Reality, or Flux Player X3D viewers
Excel2Pajek, Text2Pajek