About Metodološki zvezki 19



J.C. Gower:
Unified biplot geometry
 Abstract   3


L. Čaklovič:
Graph distance in multicriteria decision making context
 Abstract 25
G. Neubauer:
An IRT-approach for conjoint analysis
 Abstract 35


A. Goia:
Selection model in functional linear regression models for scalar response
  Abstract 51
A. Durio and E.D. Isaia:
Parametric regression models by minimum L2 criterion. A study on the risks of fire and electric shocks of electronic transformers
  Abstract 69
A.A. Abu-Taleb:
Estimation of lifetime distribution from incomplete data and follow ups
  Abstract 85
K. Kopperschmidt and U. Poetter:
A non-parametric mean residual life estimator: An example from market research
  Abstract 97
A. Mango:
On the normalization of chi2 based contingency indices
  Abstract 115


K. Košmelj, A. Blejec, and D. Kompan:
Exploratory data analysis as an efficient tool for statistical analysis: A case study from analysis of experiments
  Abstract 127
D. Cziraky, T. Filipan, and A. Pisarovič:
Multivariate modelling with latent variables in experimental design with an application to forestry data
  Abstract 137


U. Reja, K. Lozar Manfreda, V. Hlebec, and V.Vehovar:
Open-ended vs. close-ended questions in Web questionnaires
  Abstract 159
J. Horvat, S. Katavič, M. Mikrut, and I. Ograjenšek:
Conceptualising and measuring culture in surveys: Case study in the Republic of Croatia
  Abstract 179
L. Pagani and C. Seghieri:
Predictive validity of high school grade and other characteristics on students' university careers using ROC analysis
  Abstract 197
J.H.P. Hoffmeyer-Zlotnik:
New sampling designs and the quality of data
  Abstract 205
A. Eder and W.J. Gutjahr:
Can simulation techniques contribute to microsociological theory? The case of learning matrices
  Abstract 219


A. Žiberna and V. Žabkar:
Application of end-users market segmentation using statistical methods
  Abstract 243
J. Rovan and J. Sambt:
Socio-economic differences among Slovenian municipalities: A cluster analysis approach
  Abstract 265
E. Mujkič and J. Rovan:
Statistical analysis of road accidents in Slovenia in period 1996-2000
  Abstract 279